Logistics, labor and love



Led by Tamara Kittelson-Aldred, MS, OTR/L, ATP/SMS of Posture 24/7 in Montana, a group of clinicians and students traveled from the U.S. with new seating to help empower Peruvian families caring for children with disabilities. The volunteers’ efforts were met with great enthusiasm and gratitude.

We were happy to be able to contribute to Eleanore’s Project‘s work in Peru by donating Java Backs, aka “Espaldares Java,” in a variety of sizes. Seeing immediate improvements in the function and posture of the recipients was very gratifying to all involved.

Such trips require creative thinking and problem solving on the fly, more than we might imagine! Tamara has written a photo-filled account of this amazing trip, the challenges faced, and more about the families who visited the clinic… read it here.

To follow the ongoing work of Eleanore’s Project, check out the Facebook page.

Custom wheelchair seating webinar



Home run! Selected International Seating Symposium lectures are now available to view online, on demand. CEUs available too.

Watch “Early versus Late Intervention with Custom Molded Seating” presented by Tom Hetzel, PT, ATP here

• Learn about evaluation findings that can help build justification for early intervention with custom seating.

• Discover errors often seen with indirect custom molded simulation plus strategies to overcome them.

• Explore how shape and orientation influence postural correction and postural tendency in a custom molded seating system.

Client spotlight: Chris Waddell

Client spotlight

For years when I skied, even when I was competing, I had one good turn and one not so good one. After working with the Aspen Seating Clinic at Ride Designs, I’m so much more balanced. Not only does it help my performance, but I’m sure it’s better for my skin as well.

— Chris is a speaker, author, artist, and Paralympic gold medalist. His 2011 commencement speech at Middlebury College was named one of “The Best Commencement Speeches, Ever” by NPR.


Just right… the Java Back

Java Back heights: Grande, Tall & Regular
Java Back height comparison: grande, tall and regular.

The Java Back meets or beats the weight of other back supports in its category… plus, the Java Back blows the competition away in fit and performance, the most important criteria of all.

The highly-adjustable Java Back enables precise positioning for optimal stability and comes in three heights and two depths depending on the level of support desired. Recently updated hardware is now simpler, lighter and more compact. Learn more about the Java Back here.