Simplify wheelchair seating

Ride Java Back and Java Cushion for wheelchairs

Stop the madness of trying to decipher elaborate charts when selecting a wheelchair seating system. Ride’s concise product range has truly got you covered!

Our products are designed to help protect skin — plus — provide the stability to improve posture and mobility.

Consider this: Competitive products that protect skin through immersion and envelopment are inherently unstable. Posture is sacrificed for skin protection.

Ride cushions manage both skin and posture. Plus, they offer heat/moisture management and are the lightest on the market!

Pair one with a Ride back support and you’ve created a highly effective seating system. For example, shown here, the Java Cushion and Back.

No-charge technical seating support

Need expert, real-time assistance with a challenging wheelchair seating scenario? Consult Ryan Crosby, ATP / SMS, Technical Support Specialist.

Schedule an appointment via the link on the new Technical Support page on the website or directly, here. At your scheduled appointment time, connect with Ryan via phone, Facetime or Skype, and he’ll be there in the clinic with you.

Together, we can find the best solutions to your seating challenges. Try it!

Miracle: seating system returned

Seating industry veteran Joan Padgitt, PT, ATP has long been associated with Ride Designs — originally working in sales and education capacities, and more recently as a consulting clinician in our specialized on-site Aspen Seating Clinic.

This spring Joan suddenly became the patient. She sustained multiple localized intracerebral hemorrhages on May 10, 2017.  Joan was hospitalized in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit for 21 days with cerebral edema, brain compression and acute respiratory failure with tracheostomy and ventilator placement. Her condition was quite dire.

Eventually,  Joan was discharged to a long-term acute care hospital. She specified her own wheelchair seating, including a Java Cushion and Java Back. Next she was transferred to an acute rehabilitation facility — for a total of 47 days in the hospital.

Now mobilizing with a cane,  Joan explains:

“Hello colleagues!  First of all, if this is first time you are learning about my medical event, I want you to know that I’m doing okay. Initially, I was making exponential improvements and now, instead of daily improvements, I’m seeing small weekly gains in my recovery.  I’m in awe of my colleagues near and far who offered prayers and words of support in my recovery.

I’ve been discharged from all my outpatient therapies and continue my rehabilitation program everyday. I have had a lot of insights from this experience and have been invited to present an inservice to the ICU team who took care of me. I’m not yet back to work, but am working hard toward that goal.

Here I am returning the wheelchair and seating system loaned to me by Ride Designs… how often does that happen in our industry?  I want to thank all those involved in the acquisition of the equipment loaned to me during my short stint as a wheelchair user, including Cindy Duff, PT, ATP/SMS at Denver Health, Leslie McLachlan, MSPT/ATP at Tilite, Sunrise Medical, and Ryan Crosby, ATP/SMS at Ride Designs.”

While Joan still has a long way to go in her recovery,  she is positive and determined… and we are actively cheering her on. To learn more about Joan’s story, including how to help, click here You can also contact Joan directly and wish her well via email at jepadgitt(insert “at” symbol)


Welcome, Rich Salm!

Ride Designs has named Rich Salm, ATP, to the position of National Sales Manager. Rich has tremendous expertise in seating and wheeled mobility systems and has been a committed and successful advocate in policy and legislation for complex rehabilitation technology (CRT). Rich is already hard at work, shown above, center, with Shelly Myers and Joe Bieganek in our booth at the recent Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals conference in Denver.

Rich began his career in the durable medical equipment industry in 1982 and has been involved with CRT since 1991. He founded Peak Wheelchairs in Colorado and, after 13 years, sold the business to ATG, becoming their VP of regional sales. Rich later worked for NuMotion as Western Regional Contracting Manager and for National Seating & Mobility as Western Director of Clinical Business Development.

Rich served two terms on the RESNA Professional Standards Board and was Director and Ethics Chair of the NRRTS board from 2005-2010. In Colorado he served on the CAMES board, served on the Colorado Medicaid DME Committee, and spearheaded CRT Separate Recognition Legislation in 2014.

Rich states, “Early on, I recognized the importance that optimal seating has for wheelchair users and have focused much of my career on honing those skills. I am thrilled to be part of the Ride Designs team where cutting edge seating is our number one focus.” And we’re quite happy to have him on board!