New representation in Canada

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As many of you are aware, Stephen Bourne has been instrumental in launching, developing, growing and supporting Ride’s presence in Canada. We are grateful for his years of dedicated service and hard work. As business has grown across Canada, we now require full time sales representation in our largest market: Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. Unfortunately, Stephen was unable to relocate so he will be leaving Ride Designs, effective January 1, 2019. We wish Stephen well with his future endeavors. 

As of January 1, 2019, Ride Designs will be represented by East West Medical Products, Ltd. Craig Royal will cover British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Maria Joannou will cover Toronto, Ontario, and east to the Atlantic Provinces.

Both Craig and Maria come to Ride with many years of experience in complex rehab technology and more specifically, custom seating. We are thrilled to have them on our team. We also have a robust plan in place to back up Craig and Maria with support from our deep field of highly experienced staff during and after this transition. 

These changes allow us to further our commitment to serving you better and be more responsive to your needs. 

2019 Custom Certification Courses


We know you’ve been meaning to attend… so select now from among nine Ride Custom Certification Courses sessions offered for 2019!

February 28 – March 1
April 11 – 12
April 18 – 19
May 16 – 17
June 20 – 21
July 25 – 26
August 1 – 2
October 17 – 18
October 24 – 25

The course is designed specifically for clinicians and suppliers who want to take their seating skills to the next level. Learn why coming to Colorado for the course may be a game changer for your seating practice here.

Registration for all 2019 dates is now open. Register early here; class size is limited.

Advocacy: It’s never been more important

Funding for complex rehab technology equipment in the US is in jeopardy. It’s important for lawmakers to understand just how critical this equipment is to preserve and enhance health and independence. ADA requirements may be loosened… certainly issues for everyone to be monitoring.

How to get up to speed? One website to get an overview of the issues is that of the National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology.

It’s all about educating those for whom disability issues are a foreign language about the importance of these issues to the disability community. Ride Designs team members were among those who went to Capitol Hill in late April to advocate for complex rehab technology. Earlier this year, we hosted Colorado Senator Michael Bennet at our facility for Small Business Week. The Senator, shown here discussing wheelchair seating with veteran Andrew Kinard, seems open to learning more about both our products and the issues they are meant to resolve.


You don’t need to travel to Washington to be involved… check out these resources:

• An interesting podcast with panelists speaking about their advocacy efforts has been posted online by United on Wheels.

• The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, which focuses on spinal cord injury advocacy, urges “Lend your voice to our initiatives and you can make a real difference for people living with paralysis, as well as their families and caregivers.”

• Your member of congress is leaving, now what? Mobility Management outlines some ideas about how to how to keep CRT discussions going amid changes in D.C here.

• Visit “Protect My Mobility” regularly to get the latest updates on pending legislation.

Corbac available through year-end only

Ride Corbac Back Support, side-view.

We are sorry to announce that due to increased manufacturing costs and decreased reimbursement, Ride will discontinue the manufacturing and sale of the Corbac Back Support, effective January 1, 2019.

Orders placed by the end of business on December 31, 2018 will be fulfilled. Limited Warranty for this product will remain effective for 24 months from the date of delivery to the original purchaser.

Please contact Ride Designs Customer Service with any questions.

Click here to learn how you can help protect access to quality complex rehab technology.

Documenting medical need for custom seating… part three

The Ride Custom Back’s multi-axial hardware is highly adjustable to help optimize stability and postural alignment (overhead view).

In our last post, we discussed documenting the need for a custom wheelchair back or cushion vs. a prefabricated back or cushion.  Here, we continue the documentation discussion…

Part Three

Less Costly Alternatives?

Funding sources, including Medicare, expect clinicians to document the reason one custom product is selected over others that may be less costly.  Here are some of the differentiating reasons that Ride Custom 2 Cushions and Ride Custom Backs may be selected over other custom cushions and backs.

Ride Custom Cushion:

• Unlike other custom-molded wheelchair cushions, Ride’s patented and evidence-based mechanism of support helps to enhance sitting stability and performance, while reducing the dangerous forces of pressure and shear from at-risk bony prominences. Jane’s inability to perform a functional weight shift places her at high risk for pressure injuries, and the design of the Ride Custom 2 Cushion is critical to maintaining her skin integrity.

• Unlike other custom-molded wheelchair cushions, the Ride Custom 2 Cushion is modifiable in the field, without factory intervention or cost, to accommodate changes in Jane’s pelvic presentation over time.

• Unlike other custom-molded cushions, the Ride Custom 2 Cushion manages heat and moisture and can be cleaned and sanitized to provide a healthy microenvironment. This is critical for Jane Doe as she resides in a warm, humid client, and is at risk for pressure injuries.

Ride Custom Back:

• Unlike other custom-molded backs, the Ride Custom Back has a thin profile and multi-axial hardware which enables precise adjustment of lateral orientation to bring the head and neck to midline over supported residual scoliosis.  Jane requires the thin profile to maximize upper extremity range of motion and function, and requires the multi-axial hardware to adjust the position of the back to optimize her stability and postural alignment.

• Unlike other custom-molded backs, the Ride Custom Back manages heat and moisture, and can be cleaned and sanitized to provide a healthy microenvironment.  Jane’s warm and humid environment make this medically necessary.

If you need assistance with documentation review for your Ride Custom Back and/or Cushion order, we can help, and at no cost to you!  Contact our Reimbursement Department at (866) 781-1633 x 312.