New! Redesigned mounting hardware for Ride® Java® Decaf Back

Introducing Pediatric Flexloc® 2 on the Ride Decaf Back for growing and developing children.

A better wheelchair interface for a better seating outcome!

Pediatric FlexLoc 2 hardware offers all the adjustability of the original Pediatric FlexLoc but with an innovative, streamlined and lightweight* design that eases wheelchair attachment and client fitting.

Beginning April, 2023 all Ride Decaf back supports ship with newly designed Pediatric FlexLoc 2 hardware.

• Mounting and adjustment instructions will be included with each shipment.

• All Pediatric FlexLoc 2 hardware is quick-release as shipped from the factory. Hardware to easily convert to fixed mount is included with each back.

• Customers will be asked to select either small or medium hardware based on the width of the wheelchair back canes from 10” – 14”.

 *Pediatric FlexLoc 2 hardware weighs .5 lbs less than original Pediatric Flexloc hardware

Learn more about the Ride Java Decaf Back here

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