So… how DO you get fit and sit safely in a monoski?!

Long time ski enthusiast Kelly Brush recently wrote about her experiences being fit for a Ride Custom ski shell for her monoski at Ride’s in-house Aspen Seating Clinic… read all about it here.

“The process was really awesome to watch. They use some space-age technology to take a mold of my body and make a bucket to fit my body perfectly, making a skin-safe seat that provides the responsiveness I need for skiing.”
The same seating principles that are used to make specialized adaptive equipment safe and stable are utilized in all of Ride Design’s cushions and backs.

Client spotlight: Chris Waddell

Client spotlight

For years when I skied, even when I was competing, I had one good turn and one not so good one. After working with the Aspen Seating Clinic at Ride Designs, I’m so much more balanced. Not only does it help my performance, but I’m sure it’s better for my skin as well.

— Chris is a speaker, author, artist, and Paralympic gold medalist. His 2011 commencement speech at Middlebury College was named one of “The Best Commencement Speeches, Ever” by NPR.