Order a Ride Custom AccuSoft® Cushion without a scan!

“Even the simplest tools can empower people to do great things.”
— Biz Stone

Do you remember when Ride Designs Custom Cushions meant only firm materials designed for off-loading?

In the spring of 2019, that all changed with the introduction of the Ride Custom AccuSoft Cushion.  A Ride custom, full-contact cushion made specifically to match an individual’s unique shape, using a soft, forgiving foam. It’s hard for us to believe our baby is four years old! (Learn more about this amazing product here.)

If you ever have the opportunity, ask Ride Designs co-founder Joe Bieganek to tell you the story of how this soft, Ride custom cushion came to be.  Ask him to tell you about the “cupcake”.  Great story!

The suggested method for capturing a client’s shape to order a Custom AccuSoft Cushion has been the bead bag and vacuum system, which is then scanned and submitted to Ride via the RideWorks® app. While this remains a fantastic tool for determining the specs of an AccuSoft cushion, we offer an even simpler way to order the AccuSoft Cushion –- by using the Java Cushion as an evaluation tool.

An inventory of sample Java Cushions can now serve an additional purpose. Use them to specify an AccuSoft Cushion from a trial evaluation, adjustment, and measurements.

When appropriate, this easy and time-saving method can replace the bead bag and vacuum pump method.  Review the instructions for using the Java Cushion as an evaluator tool on page 5 of the Custom AccuSoft Cushion order form, here, and available on the RideWorks app.

Q: Has there been a change to the Custom AccuSoft Cushion?

A: Nope! The AccuSoft Cushion has not changed. We are simply offering another method by which to order the Accusoft Cushion, specific to a user’s needs.

Q: When is it appropriate to use the Java Cushion to evaluate a client for a Custom AccuSoft Cushion?

A: Clients who present with pelvic asymmetry that reduces towards neutral, but persists in unique, though relatively less severe postural deviations, may be good candidates for specification of an AccuSoft Cushion by evaluating, adjusting, and measuring on a Java Cushion. Using the Java Cushion as an evaluator is a great place to start. If not successful, pull out the bags and capture a shape.

Q: Can the Java Cushion be used to evaluate a client for a Ride Custom 2 Cushion?

A: No. The off-loading design of the Custom 2 Cushion requires the precise client shape that results from utilizing our bead bag and vacuum pump method. The Ride Custom 2 Cushion material is firm and less forgiving by design. This is necessary for off-loading at-risk bony prominences, while safely supporting those parts of the body that can tolerate support.

Q: Is the Custom AccuSoft an off-loading cushion?

A: The AccuSoft Cushion is not a fully off-loading cushion. Two contour options are offered: 1) Ride Contour, made with Ride’s patented mechanism of support which reduces forces at high risk areas and provides slightly greater forces at low risk areas, and 2) Full Contact.

Give it a try!
For additional information, please contact your area Ride Representative, or our product manager, Shelly Young, at 303-513-5445.

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