Precisely formed: Custom Backs

Ride Custom Back forming process

Ever wonder how the Ride Custom Back is made? Check out this video…

Hot, high-grade prosthetic plastic is vacuum-formed to a specific client’s back shape. The shell provides stability and is the outermost layer that hardware will mount to. Once the shell cools, Ride technicians will cut the back out and begin adding the materials necessary for breathability and comfort. It’s just one part of the process involved in delivering the best custom products available to wheelchair seating users.

Stay cool with cushions designed to help alleviate heat and moisture

Heat and moisture, combined with the stresses of prolonged sitting, can contribute to pressure injuries.

Cushions designed around immersion technologies (think air or gel-filled) are intended to conform completely to boney areas, thus sealing off the pelvis from significant air flow. This can cause the skin to be warmer, damp, and clammy. Moist skin is not healthy skin.

In contrast, Ride’s cushion designs take an altogether different approach: holding the high-risk areas up and away from the surface of the cushion, creating space for air to flow between the skin and the cushion. These patented, skin-friendly interface designs make all the difference in helping to manage heat and moisture.

All Ride cushions help keep the sitter dry and comfortable in virtually any climate
through the use of exceptional design and materials…

Spacer mesh fabric:

All Ride cushion cover designs incorporate spacer mesh fabric (below left). Even under significant load, the spacer fabric does not compress, thus allowing air to move between the sitter and the cushion. The unique architecture of the fabric is apparent below right in this cutaway, close-up view of the fibers that create space for air to flow through the fabric.

Vented cushion designs maximizes air flow:

• The Java Cushion has a ventilation channel on the underside of the cushion
so air can flow freely between the cushion and the person sitting on it. Below is a cutaway view of the cushion so you can see how air can flow into the contoured spaces from the rear of the cushion and into the ventilation channel from the front. Even the cushion’s well area has been perforated to enhance air flow — see overhead view, below right.

• An optional Ventilation Channel is available for the Ride Custom 2 Cushion. In keeping with the custom product, the channel is specifically located for each shape, at the position of best opportunity for air flow. See airflow diagram below.


Anytime of year, and especially with the summer months quickly approaching, consider these Ride cushion options to help those who use wheelchairs to sit as comfortably and safely as possible. (Not to mention seating stability…)

We have the evidence! To read university-level studies supporting the efficacy of Ride Cushions, click here.

Welcome, Rich Salm!

Ride Designs has named Rich Salm, ATP, to the position of National Sales Manager. Rich has tremendous expertise in seating and wheeled mobility systems and has been a committed and successful advocate in policy and legislation for complex rehabilitation technology (CRT). Rich is already hard at work, shown above, center, with Shelly Myers and Joe Bieganek in our booth at the recent Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals conference in Denver.

Rich began his career in the durable medical equipment industry in 1982 and has been involved with CRT since 1991. He founded Peak Wheelchairs in Colorado and, after 13 years, sold the business to ATG, becoming their VP of regional sales. Rich later worked for NuMotion as Western Regional Contracting Manager and for National Seating & Mobility as Western Director of Clinical Business Development.

Rich served two terms on the RESNA Professional Standards Board and was Director and Ethics Chair of the NRRTS board from 2005-2010. In Colorado he served on the CAMES board, served on the Colorado Medicaid DME Committee, and spearheaded CRT Separate Recognition Legislation in 2014.

Rich states, “Early on, I recognized the importance that optimal seating has for wheelchair users and have focused much of my career on honing those skills. I am thrilled to be part of the Ride Designs team where cutting edge seating is our number one focus.” And we’re quite happy to have him on board!