LiDAR Scans can now be imported into RideWorks®

You can now import a scan into RideWorks from the Scaniverse app.

You may recall that as of May 1, 2022 we are no longer providing scanners with our shape capture tool kits.

We have introduced a new, amazing scanning method, utilizing LiDAR technology.  Scans are taken using an app called “Scaniverse” installed on an iPad equipped with a LiDAR scanner (iPad Pro 2020 or later).  Not only does this method not require the attachment of a separate scanning device to the iPad, but the 3D image is incredibly high resolution.  The details that are visible on these scans are next-level!    

When we first broke this news, scans on the Scaniverse app had to be emailed to Ride separately, outside of RideWorks.  The updated version of the RideWorks app is now able to import a Scaniverse scan, allowing the scan to be submitted to Ride with RideWorks, along with the order forms and client photos. All is right with the world again!

Here are some reminders:

If you order Ride shape capture tools after May 1, 2022 you will not receive a scanner and scanner bracket.  You will receive an iPad Pro with no scanner.  You are seriously going to love this new method!  It’s simpler, requires no extra attachments or chargers, and it’s even more accurate.

Each tool kit containing an iPad Pro will also include these instructions for using the Scaniverse app to scan your captured shape and submit it to Ride.

If you have a Structure Sensor scanner from us, but also have an iPad Pro that was made in 2020 or later, you are welcome to install the Scaniverse app and use it instead of the Structure Sensor scanner. We are happy to accept either method of scanning. 

Ride On!

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