Documenting medical need for custom seating… part two

The Ride Custom 2 Cushion is made specifically to match each individual’s unique shape to help decrease long-term skin risk and aid in sitting stability for improved functional performance.

In our last post, we discussed Medicare’s documentation requirements for custom wheelchair backs and cushions.  Here we continue the series…

Part Two

In the written therapy evaluation — why Ride Custom over prefabricated cushions and backs?

The beneficiary may present with: specific body measurements, significant postural deviations, contractures, pelvic tilt, obliquity, rotation, etc. that cannot be accommodated by a prefabricated cushion or back. 

These presentations should be well documented to demonstrate the reason a prefabricated cushion or back will not provide sufficient skin protection and/or postural support.  Documented trial and failure of lower level equipment is beneficial.

Example:  Jane Doe presents with a very pronounced anterior pelvic tilt, a left pelvic obliquity, a left lumbar convex scoliosis, a right convex thoracic scoliosis, a marked thoracic kyphosis, and a forward head. Her lower extremities assume a position of abduction. Her legs exhibit a leg length discrepancy with the right lower extremity being shorter than the left. 

There are no prefabricated wheelchair cushions that will accommodate these postural deviations to provide sufficient stability and pressure management. There are no prefabricated backs that will provide accurate contour to accommodate and support Jane’s posture. 

With lack of sufficient pelvic and trunk support, Jane is at risk for developing progressively more severe postural asymmetries as well as pressure injuries. In addition, a poorly fitting prefabricated seating system will severely limit Jane’s ability to independently perform mobility-related activities of daily living. 

A Ride Custom 2 Cushion and Ride Custom Back will be made specifically to match Jane’s complex shape, helping to decrease long-term skin risk and aiding in sitting stability for improved functional performance.

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If you need assistance with documentation review for your Ride Custom Back and/or Cushion order, we can help, and at no cost to you!  Contact our Reimbursement Department at (866) 781-1633 x 312.


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