Watch the process for scanning captured shapes on an iPad Pro with built-in LiDAR scanner!

You may recall that as of May 1, 2022 we are no longer providing scanners with our shape capture tool kits.

We have introduced a new, amazing scanning method, utilizing LiDAR technology.  To order Ride Designs custom products, scans of captured shapes are taken using an app called “Scaniverse” installed on an iPad equipped with a LiDAR scanner (iPad Pro 2020 or later).  Not only does this method not require the attachment of a separate scanning device to the iPad, but the 3D image is incredibly high resolution.  The details that are visible on these scans are next-level!   

We’re excited to share a video we’ve published that provides step-by-step instructions for scanning a captured shape using an iPad Pro with LiDAR.  Watch it here and see how quick and easy it is!

Important reminder:  we have a dedicated team of subject matter experts standing by to help with any of your custom seating challenges!  Call us at 866-781-1833.

Ride On!

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