Keep Cool and Dry with Ride®

When it comes to the well-being of people who use wheelchairs, comfort and skin health are paramount.  Pressure injuries can be a significant concern.  Along with increased pressure on certain areas of the body, increased heat and moisture can result in a higher risk of tissue damage.

Ride Designs® products are designed with mechanisms that help manage heat and moisture. 

Breathable Materials and Innovative Design

Even under significant load, the spacer fabric outer cover of our Forward Cushion does not compress, allowing air to move between the sitter and the cushion. 

Our Java® Cushion  features a vented base design, contoured top foam, and a breathable spacer mesh fabric cover work together to help keep skin cool and dry.

The cushion contours and spacer mesh fabric cover of our Custom 2 Cushion promotes airflow to help keep the sitter dry and comfortable in virtually any climate. In addition, an optional Ventilation Channel, specifically located for each shape, can be placed at the position of best opportunity for air flow.

On the Custom AccuSoft® Cushion, the breathable spacer fabric material promotes airflow to help keep the sitter dry and comfortable. The AccuSoft cushion comes with an inner incontinent-proof liner.

The spacer fabric cover on our Java and Java Decaf Backs promotes air circulation and wicks moisture away from the back for improved comfort and sitting tolerance.

On our Ride Custom Back, we offer an ultra-breathable 3D mesh liner option that, along with the breathable spacer mesh cover provide the ultimate in airflow for heat and moisture management.

If you are a wheelchair user or caregiver seeking superior seating solutions that help mitigate increased heat and moisture, look no further than Ride Designs.  Discover the difference our products can make in providing an improved seated experience.

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