Modify the Ride Custom Back (RCB200) in the field!

One of the many outstanding features of the Ride Custom Back is that it can be modified in the field. When the need for modifications is identified at a final fitting, the mods can be completed on-site preventing delays in delivery.

In this series of short videos, Ryan Crosby, Ride’s Senior Education and Technology Specialist demonstrates the correct methods to use when modifications to the Ride Custom Back (RCB200) are necessary.

Note:  Practitioners who were certified for Ride custom products prior to 2023 are most likely familiar with the methods recommended to modify the Ride Custom Back.  We encourage even these folks to watch these videos to learn about the few, subtle differences between modifying our legacy RCB shell material and our new, 3D printed RCB shell material.

Ride Custom Back (RCB200) T-Nut Installation

Ride Custom Back (RCB200) Heating and Flaring Laterals

Ride Custom Back (RCB200) Trimming Lateral Supports

Ride Custom Back (RCB200) Heating and Rolling Top Edge of Lateral

Ride Custom Back (RCB200) Heating and Bulging Relief

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