(Not) Many (un)Happy Returns…

At Ride Designs we take a great deal of pride in having the lowest rate of returned products in the custom wheelchair seating industry. There are four very important reasons why so few of our custom products are returned to be modified or remade:

  • Better Trained Practitioners. First, we attribute this accomplishment to our educational offerings. Specifically, completion of our two-day Ride Custom Certification Course that is required to become a certified Ride Custom Systems Practitioner or Supplier.  Attendees receive extensive, hands-on training in capturing shapes, ordering, fitting and modifying Ride custom products.  Participants leave the course armed with the experience, knowledge and skills needed to achieve optimal outcomes for their clients.  Learn more and register here.
  • Shape Shifting Excellence. Next, we give so much credit to our talented staff.  The ability of our “shape shifters” to interpret incoming scanned shapes and skillfully and accurately prepare them for the carving process is truly something sets us apart.  (No link for more information here – this one’s a secret!)
  • Technical and Clinical Support. From our field reps to our internal product support staff, we are available to provide support to help you through your most difficult seating challenges.
  • Adjustability. Last, but certainly not least is the adjustability of our custom products.  The design of our Custom 2 Cushion, Custom AccuSoft Cushion and Custom Back allows for modifications to be made in the field when needed without compromising the integrity of the product. In addition, our Ride Certified Practitioners benefit from the infinitely adjustable FlexLoc mounting system for the Ride Custom Back. Check it out here.

In the rare instance it becomes necessary to return a Ride Designs custom product, we are happy to make things right.  Read about our generous return policy here.

Thank you to our customers and clinician partners who share our commitment to excellence.  As always, we are here to help! Call us at 866-781-1633 or email customerservice@ridedesigns.com for assistance with any of your custom seating challenges.

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